Are we a worthy cause? Oh HELL yes
We share the secret to comedy, and then we share some comedy.
Pershan, currently on Injured Reserve, asks, "I remember that you wrote that novel Freshman. Was that a planned series of four books?"
About the rabbi who said he and Larry David were tight, along with a week of humor on 251.
Weasel Question Time #2: TV or Not TV?Watch now (12 sec) | Young Pershan asketh, “Did you ever try to write for TV?”
They invented some emoticons.
Young Pershan asks, "Wait—you sat in editorial meetings at National Lampoon?"
Every nice thing I did in the past year, ruthlessly quantified.

December 2022

Do I have the GRIT and DETERMINATION necessary for 2023? Probably.
Dinosaurs, Sharks, Babies, and a Gender Reveal.
A piece from The American Bystander #9
And she's right. Plus updates on The American Bystander's 2023 calendar and our next issue.