A Poem About Thinking

by Jennifer Kim

Everyday, all of the day, is now an opportunity
To think
To think of things you never thunk
And then be like huh, what a think

In the mornings, when the time is early
And the sun streams through your blinds
You might be thinking
Jesus Christ, I hate the sun and mornings all alike

When you brew your coffee
Like you do any other day
This time, you might be thinking
I don’t even like the taste of coffee, why am I doing this

And when you start to read that book
That you promised you would read (Like Hamlet or whatever)
You find yourself thinking about that cute hat guy
In the middle of an important death (Polonius, maybe)

Which brings you to another thought
About Shakespeare in general
That there’s a lot of death in his plays
And irresponsible protagonists

That will be the most intellectual thought
That I will have all day
Now let’s think of all the herbs that start with B
Like basil, and basil

I take this time to think about
The many gifts in my life
Like my family and my friends
And that pear-shaped mug I got for Christmas

Now it is 4pm
And I’m drinking from this mug
I’m drinking alcohol, which is fine
Because this day is so long

I lay in bed, after watching HER (you know that Joaquin Phoenix movie where he has a mustache and high-waisted pants)
And think about sex with robots
I wonder if that’s where we’re headed
A world where you run into your ex-bot-friend at the market and hide

And then I drift into a peaceful slumber
Planning to wake at 9
But then time passes and it’s 12pm
And you think, oh well ◊

JENNIFER KIM is a writer living in L.A. She's the youngest of three siblings. Her website is here."